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Activate Test Kit

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Activate Test Kit

Your Unique Booking Reference Number (UBRN) is already pre-printed on the test activation label provided in your test kit – below is an image of the test activation label. This is identical to the label on the biohazard bag.

The Unique Booking Reference Number should be the same as booking reference received in the email confirmation you received after purchasing your test, it is 5 letters followed by 7 numbers and looks like ABCDE1234567 – this is the number you were required to enter into the Passenger Locator form.

The label within the test kit which has already pre-printed the Unique Booking Reference Number should be placed on the outside of the tube before sealing your sample vial in the biohazard bag.

Above is an image of how the label should be affixed to the vial.

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Activate Test Kit

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Post sample

Don’t forget to make a note of the tracking number if posting. Using the prepaid shipment box, post your kit in a Royal Mail Priority post box on the day that your sample was collected. To find your closest priority post box click the button below.

Receive results

Your sample will be processed immediately and results will be emailed to you within 12-24 hours of receipt in our laboratory.

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